Modelo importado da Inglaterra em 1854

Em 1859, a ligação entre Lisboa e Porto através das carreiras da Malaposta fazia-se em 34 horas e passava por 23 estações de muda. Apesar do bom serviço que as diligências prestavam nessa altura, a sua extinção foi irreversível com o aparecimento do comboio, embora se mantivessem em actividade durante mais algum tempo, como atestam os «manuais do viajante» da época.

13 junho 2007

Too busy to blog

Too busy to do anything at the moment, which makes no sense at all.

I get to a point where I have so much to do I don't know where to start, and I skirt round the edges doing lots but achieving nothing. Not good for my state of mind.

Anyhow, I was away and now I'm back. If I'm lucky my brain will catch up with me shortly.

To avoid this being a thoroughly self indulgent post about why I've not posted anything (good grief, I'm at the top of a terribly slippy slope here) have a few links of interest.

Rather depressing news from the states (via Miss Prism).

Outstandingly cheeky news from the UK, where the Government plans to exclude details of celebrities' children from a new national child database. They're confident about its security then? Heh.

A few new photos from my whistlestop tour of London. Not much time for photos as I was there for a work meeting but I managed to catch steely eyed stares given to me by the household cavalry, a pigeon and an enormous number of CCTV cameras. They're getting a bit intrusive aren't they? Unpleasant things.

And now I must away; back when I've stopped going round in circles.




At 13 junho, 2007 22:16, Blogger magnolia said...

"And now you must away"? Why?!
"And back when you've stopped going round in circles"? Well... please stop immediately and don't go!!
I think this post it's a joke...

At 15 junho, 2007 01:08, Blogger MGomes said...

Muito Obrigado A.Castro pelo Abraço, o qual retribuo, e também pela visita. É bom irmo-nos "ouvindo" por aí.

At 19 junho, 2007 05:17, Blogger Maria said...

Time to stop and rest.
Only then you can "get ready"...

At 20 junho, 2007 01:06, Blogger Paulo Sempre said...

ad locum, encontrei este blog.


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