Modelo importado da Inglaterra em 1854

Em 1859, a ligação entre Lisboa e Porto através das carreiras da Malaposta fazia-se em 34 horas e passava por 23 estações de muda. Apesar do bom serviço que as diligências prestavam nessa altura, a sua extinção foi irreversível com o aparecimento do comboio, embora se mantivessem em actividade durante mais algum tempo, como atestam os «manuais do viajante» da época.

02 janeiro 2006

Mandarin Meg's

Yes! Sometime now, I have inserted one or two (or three?..) comments in Mandarin Blog and/or Main. And I've done a lot of clicks... "fighting" with Google and StandUpon Refer. We are unknown, not unfriendly... But is a hard way to get awarded for the cliks "topper"!...
Mag remember me I'm retired, wich is "already" truthful!, as well I am stressed because of those clicks - I wonder!
Thinking (?) in reference to those clicks, Mag offers eight links to Malaposta and kindly calm me down about "this is as depressed as I get", adding "We aren't ignoring you". Thank you, Meg! To be depressed is, I'm afraid, as a result of my condition of soldier in colonial war in Angola yet!... (sixty decade - dictactor prime-minister Salazar all over half a century!).
I found that Mag have an interesting and professional site where we all of us can learn a lot of usefull things! Tank you very much!




At 02 janeiro, 2006 17:33, Blogger meg@mandarin said...

Thanks for the post in English. I can usually just look at the images. Happy New Year!

At 02 janeiro, 2006 21:47, Blogger a.castro said...

Thanks Meg for your comment. Your "curriculum" is astonishing!
In a different area I can't forget Black Viper, from the same part of the country!(maybe you know the site...) Please read what I said about him,
here. After that he said "Black Viper is Back", but two weeks later he closed the site and currently is again "under construction." I keep him bookmarked and linked on my blog.
See you!


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