Modelo importado da Inglaterra em 1854

Em 1859, a ligação entre Lisboa e Porto através das carreiras da Malaposta fazia-se em 34 horas e passava por 23 estações de muda. Apesar do bom serviço que as diligências prestavam nessa altura, a sua extinção foi irreversível com o aparecimento do comboio, embora se mantivessem em actividade durante mais algum tempo, como atestam os «manuais do viajante» da época.

10 agosto 2011

From Portugal to Black Viper

This post should go to Black Viper via email. I wonder if it will be an original way for Black Viper or someone in the US to get to read a blog from Porto, Portugal (not Spain, as people sometimes mistakenly believe. Portugal and Spain are independent countries, though good neighbours sometimes...)

I was happy to dedicate in my blog two posts to Black Viper: first and second. Black Viper's site is also linked on the right sidebar.

The first post was published at the time when Black Viper's site was under construction, in which I report what I've learned there. I also expected to see it coming back soon. I expressed that wish, and didn't forget the email I received from him, concerning the much deserved use of PayPal.
The second post announces Black Viper's comeback, and my happiness for that. It even appears that his blood type is A plus, just like mine! I also remember some highlights, including "My Kitties", though I do not have cats... Meanwhile BV would appreciate some cats in another portuguese blog, PanQuecaS!

Anyway. Black Viper is welcome to translate all my blog using Google. Just click here or "Google (bad) Translation" link under "Malaposta" title on the right sidebar. I can't avoid laughing when I do it. But laughing is good for your health!
Feel free to visit me here!

See you soon.

Best regards.



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